Here at Woodlands Academy we are committed to making you perfectly aware of admission conditions and procedures. 

Parents who fulfill the requirements laid out below will have their children be the first considered for acceptance to the academies. Those, on the other hand, who are late in submitting their application materials will be considered on the basis of availability of space at the corresponding Academy at the time their application arrives. If the academies have more than one late subscription, they will choose the students with the better grades.

1. Steps for Registration

Online registration: Relevant information about the applicant and his/her family are solicited through the Woodlands Academy representative, and this information is recorded in the formats used for the registration of the applicant at contact us.

When registered in Woodlands Academy’s database, applicants will receive a confirmation email with PIN and password to access their registration forms on the Woodlands Academy webpage. In this way they can verify information and contact their promoter to make any necessary corrections.

Application Form: Refers to all the documents required by the academies for their student archives. The medical, academic, and psychological reports of the applicant are very important for a correct evaluation. The selection of the clinics offered by the academies is important for hiring personnel and forming groups. Finally, the parental consent waiver, the recommendation of the principal or director, and other complementary aspects complete the applicant’s report.

Submitting the Application Form:  The application form should be sent directly to the academies by the parents in order to facilitate a quick response from the admissions council. It is important to emphasize that the application forms must be complete, with all the required documents, signatures, and information, before they can be evaluated by the admissions council. Parents are primarily responsible for making sure this happens, though they also may enlist the help of their promoter to revise their application.

 Things to keep in mind

 a) There is a size limit for each school year and grade, so Woodlands Academy recommends swift submission of the admission form, which is considered complete upon deposition of the down payment.

b) The admission councils of each Academy select students in the order that their admissions form was submitted. They do not guarantee or reserve places without a complete admission form. Places are available in accord with the size limit for each grade. If a grade is full, the council may respond that the classroom is full and that the applicant has been put on a waiting list.

c) Since the directors of the academies are part of the admissions councils, and are occasionally absent from the academies on promotion trips, the timing of the responses to the application forms are dictated by the availability of the directors.

Official Response for Admission: The admissions council seeks to guarantee parents that the students chosen will be socially and academically compatible, thus favoring a positive atmosphere for formation. For this reason final admission is reserved to students chosen by the admissions council.

The Academy will send a formal response by email within 15 business days following reception of the complete admissions form. The academies thus ask that the parents periodically review their email during this time. If the response cannot be sent by email it will be sent through the promoter.

Deposit of Booking Fee: The down payment reserves and guarantees the student’s place in the Academy. It must be paid within eight business days following receipt of the formal letter of acceptance from the Academy. This payment is exclusively for already accepted students. This payment is discounted from the first tuition payment according to the payment plan chosen. This payment is in no way and under no circumstance refundable.

Tuition Payment and Personal Accounts: Payments should be made to Oak Management, Ltd, and deposits to the student’s personal account should be made to the account of the respective Academy. Parents are asked to identify these accounts previously. If for any reason the tuition payment is made to the personal account or vice versa, Woodlands Academy will make the change from one account to another, but will charge a fee deducted from the student’s personal account.

 2. Waiting List

Late admission forms are subjected to an indefinite process of waiting and raffle selection, and also subject to the availability of space per grade and the freeing up of spaces through cancelations.

3. Returns and Reimbursements

The booking fee is under no conditions returned to the payer, since it covers a number of expenses involving paperwork and salaries of the promoters. The reimbursements through cancelation are subject to the Conditions of Return and Return Table which is signed in the admission form.

4. Confirmation

The academies reserve the right to notify parents of the acceptance or rejection of their admissions requests. The academies use email as the official means of communication. They recommend parents ensure that fax and telephone information included in the admission forms also be correct, since they are alternative means of communication.

5. Applicants for 9th grade

Since adaptation has often proven difficult for students of this age group, applicants for this grade must pass certain filters that will help them adjust well upon arrival to the Academy, and that will guarantee a more agreeable and prosperous stay. For this reason, selection is more rigorous. Applicants must include with the application document the written testimony of a Legionary or consecrated woman of Regnum Christi who is authorized to make such statements.

6. Student visas

Following the letter of acceptance, the Academy will send the format for requesting a visa, corresponding to the country of selection, directly to the parents or through the promoter or Oak representative. It is an indispensable requirement that forms part of acceptance. In this way the family can take care of the necessary actions. The promoter or Woodlands Academy representative can advise them in this respect.

7. Promotions and Discounts

Oak provides various promotion offers and discounts toward tuition and lodging. We hope these serve as motivation to begin the admissions process. They apply certain time restrictions, as well as limiting the offers to those who already have the definitive acceptance letter. Until these requirements are fulfilled, one may not make any bank transfers or deposits. As a general rule, Woodlands Academy promoters or representatives are prohibited from making any banking issue regarding promotion. Nor may they receive cash in anticipation of a course or as a deposit for a certain course.

 8. Tuition and Personal Accounts Debt Policy

Woodlands Academy has a policy for all the student accounts that are behind on payments. If the tuition payment is not up to date according to your payment plan and/or the Personal Account has dropped below the minimum balance the student will not be able to take exams. In an extreme case of an outstanding balance, the student may have to withdraw from the Academy. With this in mind, we encourage you to communicate with your promoter to avoid these situations.

9. Spring Courses

Spring courses depend, naturally, on available space. Oak opens its arms, once again, to anyone interested in participating in the spring semester, as long as they have certain grade averages that meet admission criteria. Application for this course begins on September 15.

10. Submitting the application form does not ensure acceptance

Every application form can either be accepted or rejected by the Academy. We would appreciate that parents take the necessary precautions to avoid making students miss possible re-inscription deadlines at their schools of origin. Parents should also avoid unnecessary expenses in buying uniforms, school supplies, and plane tickets until they receive official acceptance from the Academy.

11. Integra

Participants in the competition for the Integra/Integer Scholarships should pay the specified recuperation quota prior to the due date for the reception of documents, send in the complete application form and fulfill, without exception, all the necessary requirements.

12. Validation of study certificates

The process of validation of study certificates depends on passing the final exams of any Academy. On the other hand, the academies offer two opportunities to accredit failed material: one ordinary and one extraordinary exam. Parents and students receive opportune notification in order to take the necessary precautions to avoid such a difficult situation.

Were such a situation to occur, the academies can orient and advise, but they do not offer alternatives or solutions to accredit failed material. The affected parties must do the corresponding paperwork with the proper institutions.

Once the school year in the Academy is concluded and accredited, the certificate is given to the parents or tutors of the student through Oak representatives.

We recommend that prior to application, families investigate their country’s laws concerning the possibilities of validating studies. Again, this should be done before applying, since the rules governing validations depend on each country’s ministry of education and on the internal regulations of each institutions. Woodlands Academy places a subject list from each Academy at the disposal of parents so that they can begin the validation process.

13. General Studies Norm

We would like to remind you that the official study program of each Academy is governed by the laws in that Academy’s country. Therefore, when students return to their countries of origin we recommend that they take short courses bringing them up to speed in subjects they may not have seen at the Academy but that might be required at their new schools.

14. Formative Dialogue

Another aspect of the student´s formation is Personal Formation Dialogue. This activity has the objective of helping each student interiorize the principles of the Christian way of life that he or she has received both at home and at the Academy. The Personal Formation Dialogue is a personal conversation that is held between the trained adult teacher and the student in an open or visible place. The teacher helps the student develop his or her own character and offers guidance of how to form good habits for personal growth.

15. Informative consent

I expressly give my informed consent and authorize him/her to attend and participate in the “School” according to the terms and conditions hereof. I am fully aware of the variety of activities that the School offers (sports, recreation, cooking, wood craft, archery, etc.) and I understand that while reasonable care will be taken by those in charge, activities of this nature involve some risk. Therefore, I hereby release to the fullest extent permitted by law the School and the School´s directors, officers, members, employees, assistants, contractors, volunteers and helpers, jointly and severally from any and all actions, claims and demands for, upon or by reason of any damage, loss or injury, which hereafter may be sustained by the participation of the student in the “School” or related activities.

16. School Photographs & Video

I/We hereby consent to the use of school photographs and/or videos, which may include my /our child or his/her image and likeness in school publications, newsletters, web pages on the Internet, calendars, occasional news releases, or other promotional uses of the School/Academy. I/We understand and agree that the School/Academy does not need to notify me/us or solicit my/our approval or compensate me/us in any way prior to using any such photographs or videos. I further understand that this consent shall have no limitation in time and shall survive termination of this agreement or my child´s attendance at the School/Academy.



After having read this document, I understand and am willing to abide by the norms of Woodlands Academy in reference to the admissions process of my child for the School/Academy.


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