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Today’s world calls for a type of woman who is committed to improving her social, cultural, religious and professional environment: an Integral Woman. This distinguished by her selflessness and capacity to
guide others. Such a woman will leave a deep mark on society through her work to bring about justice, peace, the common good and unity among others. Today’s world searches for a type of woman who can be a model of an Integral Woman. Such leadership should be brought out and developed to its full potential, and thus it extends to all aspects of the human person: human, social, intellectual, professional and spiritual.
Woodlands Academy aims to prepare this type of woman. The goal of its well-rounded education is to provide young women with the means they need to become the leading women of our time.



We operate a yellow card system to ensure that everyone complies with standard classroom behaviour. The purpose of the yellow card is to draw attention to an area that needs to be improved. It is our way of helping students stay on track so that everyone can learn without disturbance or delays. If a girl has three entries in the Yellow Book in any one week or six entries in four weeks she will be put on a yellow card/observation so that we can improve the situation. If, after a week, everything is satisfactory there is no consequence, but if it is unsatisfactory she will have detention and you will be notified.
Reasons for Yellow Book Entries:
Homework: No homework or incomplete homework
Organisation: No book/copy book/homework diary etc..
Behaviour: Minor disruptive/disrespectful behaviour

Examples of disruptive behaviour that merits a yellow book entry
• Talking during class.
• Doodling on school materials.
• Behaviour which impedes other students’ learning.
• Arguing, answering back, rude retorts, towards teachers and others in authority.

N.B. Writing letters/notes in Spanish while in class and more serious behavioural issues will result in automatic
detention and a discipline warning.


Consequences of Yellow Card
• Students who have three entries will have a Yellow Card and will be put on observation for one week where they will be graded with an ‘S’ for Satisfactory or a ‘U’ for Unsatisfactory after each class
• If the outcome is ‘satisfactory’ after one week no action will be taken.
• If the outcome is ‘unsatisfactory’ after one week, your daughter will be issued a second yellow card, detention will be given and you will be notified in writing.
• Further ‘unsatisfactory classroom behaviour will result in a Blue card
• For more serious situations, a report will be sent immediately.

Other/More Serious Behaviour
Other misconduct or behavioural issues during school hours will result in a consequence and a ‘Disciplinary Warning’ in writing, or for more serious incidents a ‘Disciplinary Report’, which will be sent. Please see point 9 Discipline for examples of such behaviour.


Woodlands Academy seeks to co-operate with parents in the integral formation of their daughter. It accomplishes this through its exclusive, personalized program:“Teach, Educate and Form”. Woodlands Academy offers each student the practical techniques and the academic knowledge that she will need for her personal and professional future.

Woodlands Academy aims to enhance personal improvement by developing the individual skills and talents of its students.
Woodlands Academy offers each student the means to forge her character in fundamental human and Christian values, according to each student’s potential and personal interests.

Essential aspects of the formation program at Woodlands:
• Personal Attention
• Constant motivation
• Kind and constant supervision

Social Participation

Woodlands students apply what they learn through social participation events, which they organize, such as visiting nursing homes, organizing activities for underprivileged children, attending cultural clubs and other age-appropriate projects.


At Woodlands, our code of behaviour has been designed with students’ integral formation in mind. Discipline is viewed as a means to achieve the integral formation.

Personal Adherence
Integral formation requires above all an attitude of openness and free adherence on behalf of each student.
We ask each girl to show an interest in achieving her own personal maturity and to collaborate with the life style proposed in Woodlands.

Parental Support
The school relies on parents to motivate their daughter and to help them see the values acquired through discipline. If your daughter feels a division between you and the school, formation becomes increasingly
difficult. For this reason we ask parents for their support in ensuring the schools’ discipline system is implemented consistently.

The students must:
• Behave according to the ideal of integral formation that Woodlands commits to offer our students;
• Use the official uniform in school during the week and at special events or activities;
• Attend activities organized for them at all times unless permission has been granted by the staff;
• Follow the school timetable and learn how to manage their time;
• Speak English at all times.

Unacceptable Behaviour
The following are considered grave faults and contrary to the ideal of integrity that our students should aspire to:

Attendance :
• Frequent tardiness without proper excuse or justification;
• Absence of any activity without proper permission;
• Leaving the school grounds without permission;
• Entering different areas of the school without permission.

• Defiant behaviour or serious lack of respect towards herself or others (verbal, physical or signs);
• Not complying with disciplinary sanctions;
• Continuous criticism of the school rules and regulations;
• Damaging school or other people’s property, physically or otherwise;
• Permanent lack of interest in studies or personal development.

• Cheating or attempting to cheat in exams;
• Lying to faculty or school authority;
• Proventheft.

Inappropriate verbal and physical interaction:
• Swearing or the use of vulgar expressions;
• Immorality in dress, speech, reading materials, videos, shows or actions;
• Indecency and immodesty, changing outside the appropiate area;
• Inappropriate displays of affection. Sleeping in another girl’s bed is not allowed in Woodlands;
• Physical fights;
• Smoking cigarettes, ingesting alcoholic beverages and the use of any kind of drug (Inside the school or during outings, excursions or trips).

Misuse of electronic devices:
• Inappropriate use of the iPad (reserved only for academic use);
• Use of electronic device outside approved times;
• Cyberbullying and/or any kind of pornographic activity (accessing pornographic sites, texting or
sending pictures).

In the event that your daughter is involved in one of the above, you will be informed in the following 24 hours and consequences will be taken.

Principles taken in account before giving consequences:

The Woodlands staff educates with respect and understanding, in an environment that is conscious of
students’ needs.

The consequence is meant to be:
• Remedial (seeking to right the wrong that has been done)
• Formative (ideally addressing the transgression directly)
• Effective (making an impression on the student and the entire student body as well)
• Just (proportionate to the wrong committed)
• Timely (relevant to the incident)

a) Detention: detentions will be carried out at a time and place determined by the teacher and vie principal or dean of students. Detentions are typically held after school on the Friday following the transgression.
Detentions follow a formative format in accordance with the school’s disciplinary philosophy. Failure of the student to report to a scheduled detention will result in further disciplinary action.
b) Discipline warning: written letter to the parents, signed by the students explaining the transgression and the consequences taken.
c) Discipline report: a grave transgression to the regulations or three discipline warnings will result in a discipline report. Should a student receive three discipline reports during the year, she may be expelled
temporarily or permanently from the school.
d) Internal Suspension: A student may be suspended for serious transgression or repeated occurrences of less serious transgressions. Suspensions may last from one to five days. Suspended students loose the right to wear the school uniform, attend classes or other activities.
e) Expulsion: A student may be asked to withdraw from the school for extreme forms of transgressions or continual neglect of basic regulations and conduct expectations either on or off Woodlands
Academy property.
f) Any other consequences the academy deems appropriate:

• Device taken for one week or more.
• Loss of an outing: a student may be kept from the weekend outing as a discipline measure to
encourage her to improve behaviour for the following week.
• Loss of a trip: a student may be kept from a trip as a major measure of safety when she hasn’t been
following the ordinary rules at the school.

Behaviours, inside and outside:
Note that those principles, duties and unacceptable behaviours apply to every aspect of the Woodlands experience: school, home side, clinics, trips and others.
It is expected that the students behave correctly and be properly attired both inside and outside of the school facilities.

Students must refrain from bringing things of excessive value. The school will not be responsible for lost or
broken articles. The Academy provides a safe storage place for students.


At Woodlands, our code of behaviour and our discipline system have been designed and refined with students’ integral formation in mind.
Discipline is never an end in itself. The school asks for support from parents to help their daughter see the connection between inner discipline and the formation of habits and virtues. The school relies on parents to motivate their daughter and to help them see the values acquired through discipline. If your daughter feels a division between you and the school, formation becomes increasingly difficult.
For this reason we ask parents for their support in ensuring the schools’ discipline system is implemented consistently.
Woodlands educates with respect and understanding, in an environment that is conscious of students’ needs. Adherence to our discipline system will ensure the growth and maturity, independence, courtesy, respect and personal organization.
Each student is identified with the ideal of becoming an Integral Woman.
It is expected that each student shows an interest in achieving her own personal maturity and be willing to wholly use the means, methods and opportunities that the school provides, to become an integral woman.
It is expected that the students behave correctly and be properly attired both inside and outside of the school facilities. The use of the official uniform in school during the week and at special events or activities is mandatory.
Students must attend activities organized for them at all times unless permission has been granted by the school nurse, a Dean or a Consecrated member of staff.
We teach and form students to be punctual, to follow the school timetable and know how to manage their time. Constant lack of punctuality will affect your daughter’s formation grades.
There are five sets of exams from September to June. One week after each set of exams, your daughter’s formation and academic grades will be released. Formation grades will be based on the level that each student shows in the following virtues: obedience and respect, conduct, etiquette, personal presentation, punctuality, English effort and order.

Anti-Bullying Policy

Woodlands Academy is committed to providing all students with a safe environment in which all members of the school community are treated with dignity and respect. This Academy has a zero tolerance towards bullying and will not tolerate any behaviour that is classified under the definition of bullying and will take steps needed to eliminate such behaviour. Please see our Policy section of our website to view further details on our Anti Bullying Policy.

Students are insured from the moment they arrive in Dublin. This insurance covers medical care described in the admission application form.
In case of an emergency, students will be accompanied to the nearest health centre by a member the Academy nurse on duty or a member of staff.
Students who need special medical attention must inform the school before their arrival, by filling out the Medical Authorisation form, sent with the welcome package.
Only the medicines that have been prescribed by the family doctor or the school nurse will be given to the students. It is important that students organize medical prescriptions before coming to the school and that the Nurse is informed.
For health and safety regulations, all medicines must be turned in and logged upon arrival. All medicines required on a daily or occasional basis will be administered by the school nurse or the Dean/Instructor/member of staff etc. in charge.

Health & Nutrition

To ensure good formation and good health, nutrition is key. A Chef prepares menus that have been
carefully selected and balanced. This is why it is expected that every student eats at least a little of
everything that has been served to her. The only exceptions to this are medically diagnosed allergies.
Special diets will only be permitted if accompanied by a letter from the student’s doctor.
Food served at Woodlands is prepared according to the international, European style. Breakfast consists
of cereal, yoghurt, fresh fruit, fruit juice and bread. Lunch consists of an entree; either meat or fish
with vegetables as a second course; and a sweet dessert or fruit. Dinner i s a lighter meal and includes:
sandwiches, cold cut meats and cheeses, pasta or pizza, along with various types of salad and fruit or
Personal Presentation:

Must always be clean and well-presented in an up-do tied with a white ribbon or bow. Hair dyes are not
allowed. A haircut will only be given if a student requests it. The expense incurred will be charged to the
student’s personal account.

Our students wear a uniform on normal days and on formal occasions. The uniform is a distinctive and
distinguished seal of any school and students are expected to wear the correct uniform for each
Dress Code:

Daily uniform
• Clean blouse
• Clean school sweater or vest
• Clean navy blue tights
• Polished blue or black shoes
• Students may wear discreet jewellery
• Students are not allowed to wear make-up or nail polish

Smart Uniform
• Full uniform as above


• Clean white polo shirt, school tracksuit and jacket.
• White socks and white tennis shoes

Clothes for the weekends should be clean, modest, and well kept(not stained, torn or missing buttons,

• Shirts should come down over the top of trousers or be tucked in.
• Shirt necklines may not be cut low
• Flip flops, crocks, sandals or slippers should not be worn

During their stay at Woodlands, students must dress in a refined way.
Following the elegance and style that characterize Woodlands, miniskirts, low-cut shirts or tight fitting clothes are not allowed.
Tattoos and piercings are not allowed in the school, only a classical ear “piercing” is allowed.


Order of the Rooms and Common Areas

We teach our students to live a disciplined life out of conviction. Every human institution is guided by a set of rules which promote order, peace and mutual respect; this is the objective at Woodlands too. Therefore our students are expected to observe the rules that are established.

• Beds must be well made before morning classes begin.
• No items should be left on top of the bed. Some teddies/stuffed animals are the only exception.
• The floor and window sills and bed posts should be kept clear.
• A few photos may be taped on the bulletin boards. No posters are allowed on the walls.
• Furniture must stay where it belongs.
• In order that the towels can dry, they should be kept a hanger off the side of the bed.
• For hygiene reasons we do not allow food in the section at any time. If something is found it
will be discarded.
• The Academy reserves the right to inspect any student’s cupboards; in this instance, there will
always be two adults together carrying out an inspection.


To ensure good personal hygiene students are required to:

• Take a shower every day. After sports, students should take a shower and wash their hair.
• Change socks, tights and underwear daily and send the dirty items to the laundry without
• Avoid sharing brushes, combs, hair ties, hats, scarves, pillows, stuffed animals, etc.
• Do not lie on beds of others.
• Wear only clean clothes (no stains) that are in good condition (not torn or scuffed).

Social Manners

Social Manners are broken down in to two categories: courtesy and etiquette.

Examples of Courtesy:
• How a girl deals with others, saying please, thank you, speaking in a moderate tone of voice.
• Opening and holding doors open for others, letting others pass before you.
• Cleaning up after yourself or someone else.
• Not criticizing or showing disrespect.

Examples of Etiquette:
• Not touching food until the food has been blessed and all are sitting down.
• Sitting up straight.
• Passing platters from left to right, serving neatly one item at a time, using silverware at all times.
• Chewing with the mouth closed.
• Not talking with food in the mouth.
• Using the serviette.
• Clearing plates and stacking dishes neatly and quietly according to the dining room procedures.
• Making sure the area is left in order before leaving the dining room.

Phone calls, e mails, correspondence and packages Please see your personal welcome package attached in this email for further details on the above.
Each girl receives an Irish mobile phone number on arrival. Schedules are sent by email and Phone Calls are once a week to your daughter, on a Saturday.
Emails or internet time are once during the week and a t we e k e n d s ( s e e we l c ome p a c k a g e ) It is advisable to set your daughter up with a personal email account which she can use while residing at
Woodlands Academy.

It is the parent’s responsibility to check and monitor their daughter’s facebook/email accounts. Woodlands provide safety filters for internet use but the responsibility of content in facebook/email lies
with the parents. In the event of sickness, accident or any other emergencies, you will be contacted by telephone.
In excursions or trips, students are always accompanied by a responsible adult who will carry a mobile phone in case of any emergencies.
Parents are welcome to contact the Principal by telephone if they concerned about their daughter.

Emails and faxes

If parents need to send an urgent message, they can do it through the school’s general email address:
All internet access has a family friendly filter..Students may not bring a laptop. Skype will be available to use as per above.
Students may receive faxes at the school. Faxes may also be sent from the school. The cost of this is charged to the student’s Personal Account.

Mail and Packages

Handwritten letters are a very personalized means of communication, which is why we recommend you write to your daughter.
All letters are handed directly to students when they arrive at the school. All packages must be opened in the presence of a member of staff and are given out weekly.

The use of iPads in the Academy

Students will follow the Acceptable Usage Policy as agreed at the beginning of the year. Failure to follow this policy will result in disciplinary action as outlined in the policy.
Students are reminded that:
• iPads can only be used during class time, study hall and on a Saturday from 18.30-21.00.
• iPads can only be used in class with the permission of the teacher.
• Students are responsible for charging their iPads at the end of each day or whenever instructed to do so by their supervisors.
• iPads cannot be used to photograph or film within the classroom, unless specific permission is given by a teacher.
• Permission must be obtained before taking photographs and recordings of others and before posting or transmitting pictures or recordings of others.
• Changing of iPad settings is not permitted. (Exceptions include personal settings such as font size, brightness etc.)
• iPads will be password protected. During the setup process, each student will choose a 4-digit password. This password will be kept on record with the technology department and may not
be changed without school permission.
• Students are not allowed to use another student’s iPad without the explicit permission of its owner.
• iPads should not be left in unsupervised areas.
• It is not permitted to bring the iPad outside the Academy.
• iPads that malfunction or are damaged must be reported to the relevant personnel. iPads that have been accidentally damaged or malfunction will be repaired under the student’s relevant insurance policy or warranty. Students will be responsible for the entire cost of repairs to iPads outside of warranty and insurance.
• The Director, Vice Director, IT Technicians, Academic Studies Co-ordinator, Teachers and Deans of Students will have the right to inspect the content of iPads.


Students should bring a photographic camera. We recommend to bring a small digital camera (unless she will be taking Digital Photography as a Saturday Clinic and in this instance, she may wish to bring a
more sophisticated camera).

These are allowed to be brought to Woodlands.
All books must be in English and Age Appropriate.

As per your welcome package, an ipad is required at Woodlands for Academic purposes.
Full details, including an FAQ sheet and iPad policy agreement must be signed and returned and are included in the welcome package.
On arrival, the ipad will be administered by Woodlands Academy so please create a backup of the ipad before arrival as otherwise any content on it before arrival will be lost.

Your daughter can bring an iphone or smartphone to the Academy. On arrival, the sim card will be removed and an Irish sim card will be inserted, programmed to just receive calls. Further details are in
the welcome package issued. There is a charge of €20 for the sim insertion and programming.

Magazines, Films and Subscriptions

Students should not have magazines, films, books or any electronic material with inappropriate or immoral content. Where this type of material is found, the school reserves the right to take it away and
give it back to the family at the end of the school year.
Parents are kindly asked to consult with the Principal before subscribing to a magazine or service for their daughter, due to the fact that students may share material with other students.
Movies are shown t o s t u d e n t s at scheduled times. Assigned movies previously examined and programmed, serve as aids for each girls ’integral formation.

We ask parents not to make improvised visits. Parents visit their daughter at the assigned dates in the school calendar.
Parents may visit their daughter on days when there are no classes, with prior authorization from the Principal.
Friends, relatives and other siblings may visit students at the school, with prior permission from their parents. Students will not be allowed to stay overnight with them.
Families and friends must collect students at the school and accompany them on their return.
Parents  are kindly requested to contact the Principal before making any arrangements for one of these visits. This is to ensure that the dates they have in mind do not conflict with the school calendar.
At times, for various reasons that will be explained to the parents, students will not benefit from a visit.
We kindly ask parents to respect any decision made by the Principal, who will always look for the best for each student during her stay at Woodlands.
Parents are not allowed to take children out of the Academy without written permission.

Outing s & Trips

All outings are pre-planned and supervised by our staff. Girls are always accompanied.
Outings are moments of rest and fun. They are a chance to acquire culture and share experiences with friends.
The trips that the Academy organizes for the girls are considered as school- time, therefore the same rules apply during trips abroad or inside Ireland. The students will be asked to adhere to safety measures
while they are travelling.

Woodlands provide a laundry service for the student’s clothes, sheets and towels; underwear must be sent to wash in a net. Each student’s clothes can be sent to wash every day; they will be sorted and dropped back in the space assigned for each student at least twice a week.

Each item of clothing must be marked on the waist or on the collar with sewn labels indicating the laundry number of the student to ensure the correct functioning of the laundry system. We ask the student to
bring more of these labels so they can be used for the extra items of clothing that the students may purchase while in Europe. Woodlands does not take responsibility for clothes sent to the laundry unmarked.

Sets of sheets and towels will be provided for each student who will be responsible for its good care, they will be changed once a week. It is not necessary to bring them.

To send clothes to be dry-cleaned, the students need to fill out a form and give it to the person assigned for this. The cost of this service will be deducted from the student’s personal account.

Woodlands does not take responsibility for possible damage to clothing during this service.

Students are asked to take care of the Academy a n d i t s facilities, as a sign of respect. Any damages to Woodlands’ property will be charged to the account of the student responsible.


Download complete handbook here

Please note that Woodlands Academy have the right to change or add to the Rules and Regulations as necessary.

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