Overhead Projectors, APPLE TV and Whiteboards in every classroom

APPLE TV in the Blue Playroom 

iPad Software – see iPad policy

Mac Room



COMPUTER LABORATORY- running the best operating systems and software.

MICROSOFT ACADEMY/CERTIPORT/TESTING CENTRE- Students can take tests in any Office application and typically take Powerpoint, Word and Excel Exams.

GMETRIX- Training Software- This helps prepare students for their Microsoft Exams

MICROSOFT SCHOOLS AGREEMENT- Guarantees that the school’s Operating Systems and Office applications are up-to-date.

EMAIL – parents control their daughter’s facebook and email accounts from home. This is not the responsibility of Woodlands Academy. Please see our iPad and IT policies on the website.

WEBSERVER- inhouse- Video can be streamed across our wifi cutting out the need for internet access.

SKYPE/ Facetime- Students use Skype to talk with their families

SONICWALL- filtering and content management allows the school to control the internet, e-mail, Skype, and any website url, making the wifi environment ultrasafe.

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