Overhead Projectors, APPLE TV and Whiteboards in every classroom

APPLE TV in the Blue Playroom 

iPad Software – see iPad policy

Mac Room


MICROSOFT ACADEMY/CERTIPORT/TESTING CENTRE- Students can take tests in any Office application and typically present Word and Excel.

EMAIL – parents control their daughter’s facebook and email accounts from home. This is not the responsibility of Woodlands Academy. Please see our iPad and IT policies on the website.

MICROSOFT SCHOOLS AGREEMENT- Guarantees that the school’s Operating Systems and Office applications are up-to-date.

NO LIMITS EXAM LICENCE- Students can repeat their Microsoft exams as many times as is practicable.

GMETRIX- Training Software- This helps prepare students for their Microsoft Exams

COMPUTER LABORATORY- running the best operating systems and software

WEBSERVER- inhouse- Video can be streamed across our wifi cutting out the need for internet access.

SKYPE/ Facetime- Students use Skype to talk with their families

SONICWALL- filtering and content management allows the school to control the internet, e-mail, Skype, and any website url, making the wifi environment ultrasafe.

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