Today’s world calls for a type of woman who is committed to improving her social, cultural, religious and professional environment: an Integral Woman. This woman needs to be a leader, distinguished by her selflessness and capacity to guide others.  Such a woman will leave a deep mark on society through her work to bring about justice, peace, the common good and unity among others.

Today’s world searches for a type of woman who can be a model of an Integral Woman.  Such leadership should be brought out and developed to its full potential, and thus it extends to all aspects of the human person: human, social, intellectual, professional and spiritual.   Woodlands aims at preparing this type of woman.  The goal of its well-rounded education is to provide young women with the means they need to become the leading women of our time.   

Woodlands Academy implements the Integral Formation® method of education - a proprietary and comprehensive system for developing and operating schools in accordance with the principles of education adopted by the Legionaries of Christ. This method of education is successfully developing authentic Catholic leaders in schools worldwide. Based upon the Christian view of the person, Integral Formation® focuses on forming all dimensions of the person: intellectual, human, spiritual, and apostolic, achieving the complete or integral formation of the student. There is time for cultural development, recreation and rest aswell .


The woman who profits from our human formation program will mature in the many different aspects of her personality.  She will know herself in a real, objective way, and, because she is able to accept herself, she can seriously work to improve.  She possesses great interior harmony having learnt how to correctly order her sensitive faculties, emotions, intelligence and will.  She is a healthy woman, both in body and spirit, loving sports and peaceful contact with nature.  Distinguished, educated and refined in her behaviour, her external appearance reflects her interior human growth. She possesses an upright conscience which is always open to what is right and is capable of discerning right from wrong. Her firm character and strong, decisive will are guided by her reason, which is clear in its objectives and decided in execution.  Her life is coherent with the values that she professes and she is responsible when fulfilling her commitments and duties. She is master of her own self, with clear objectives. She has a spirit of initiative and open horizons. She is practical, efficient and capable of influencing others and society by her conviction and enthusiasm. She works with self-conviction, self-control and self-motivation to reach her goals.

The environment and external order of the academy, and the direct interest of her teachers are the means the student uses to acquire mastery of herself so as to make those ideals a reality in her life. Maturity is to possess the inner strength to be what we should be at all times. Character is the core of leadership.

  • Her behaviour reveals that she possesses principles that govern her actions and order her passions. She shows firmness of will and self-control. 
  • She values and cultivates the virtues of justice, sincerity, fidelity to her word, commitment, honesty, delicacy and a rightly formed conscience. Her charity, integrity, honesty and compassion make her a good and loyal friend.
  • She has a healthy self-confidence and respect for others. She has interpersonal skills, and is able to work in a team by collaborating and contributing to a common goal. She has a mature sense of authority and respect for it.
  • She keeps a healthy mind and body through a balanced use of daily activities including sports, music, and arts, outings and trips, classes and language skills.



Through the “Social Formation Program”, we offer our students the highest goal of a woman who is a leader through her personal self-giving.  She has an informed social consciousness and is concerned for those in need.  She is realistic.  She makes correct and balanced judgments about situations and people. Her personal organization and up-to-date information enable her to illuminate day-to-day situations and concrete problems with the truth and orient them towards good. She will be an active woman, capable of committing herself seriously to projects and activities which are dedicated to transforming the different aspects of society. She is ready to love, serve, show gratitude and collaborate with others. She will be an understanding and joyful young woman, who is able to give her best to others and edify those who work and live around her.  She is courteous, knowing the habits and customs of the places she visits, and her refinement in social relations allows her to readily adapt to different situations.

At Woodlands Academy, we encourage our students to be active in reaching out to the needs of the people they meet and we foster in them a conscienceness of their role in serving society. 

Concrete projects include: A Pure Fashion Show, Challenge Club outreach works such as a Gift for a Poor Child at Christmas, contact with an Elderly Person as an "Adopted Grandparent", "Making Dreams Come True" for an underprivileged child, etc...

A Woodlands student is provided with occasions to participate in apostolic action and outreach projects through her year. These are moments in which she can express her faith in actions of service to others.


See the needs of those around her

Seek to respond with generosity and goodness of heart in an genuine and effective way

Be a witness of Christ in daily life by living according to Gospel principles of truth, justice and compassion


Our students follow a dynamic and demanding daily schedule. They look back with satisfaction at the rewards they gained from having met this daily challenge to better themselves. They will realize the value of investing the time and energy which is necessary to learn a new language, appreciate another culture, discover and develop personal talents and interests, and adopt habits of reflection and personal organization.  They open themselves to new horizons and develop their own sense of responsibility.  Striving for this is our goal.  We encourage each student to reach for the best in her life now and always.

As a result of her studies in the core academic subjects of English, English Literature, Mathematics, Science, History, Geography and Classics, as well as through other academic and co-curricular activities, a Woodlands Academy student should acquire:

  • A wealth of knowledge in general culture and the particular disciplines; an understanding of the roots and underpinnings of her own national culture, history and ideals.
  • A critical mind that can tell right from wrong, fact from fiction, truth from opinion; communicating skills which are built upon a keen sense of perception and a sharp memory; and an ability to think, speak and write clearly, coherently, precisely, attractively and persuasively in English.
  • Habits and dispositions critical for ongoing intellectual formation after graduation -- including study habits, concentration and critical thinking, perseverance and a desire to produce high-quality work.

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