Broadening Student Horizons

The cultural programme offered by Woodlands Academy strives to broaden the student’s personal horizons by introducing them to the way people lived before in another land, and better understand the world around them.

This cultural programme, harmoniously blended with and supported by the Academy’s human formation programme, will help the students evaluate and appreciate the positive elements of Irish culture and in so doing they will discover and cherish their own culture.

Outings are an element of the Woodlands experience that support cultural appreciation, fun, and athletic development.



Recreational & Formative Sports Clinics & Physical Education

Woodlands Academy believes deeply in the importance of athletics as an integral part of the total education of mind and body, it therefore strives to ensure that its sports clinics are recreational and formative. In addition to developing a child’s body, well-monitored sports increase a girl’s self-confidence, her ability to work as a member of a team, her willingness to accept and meet challenges, and her desire for constant improvement: all essential elements in a woman of character.

We commit considerable resources in time, effort and money to delivering the best sporting experience to our students that we can and we are always striving to improve this aspect of the academy.

Woodlands Academy offers a competitive and complete Sports Programme. Through our weekly Sports Clinics and our lifestyle and cultural clinics on Saturdays, this gives our students the opportunity to develop their skills and learn about healthy living habits. 

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