Laundry System

In order to have a more efficient laundry service, each student’s clothes should be marked with a laundry number, received by parents on acceptance to Woodlands. 

The following is a list of clothing the students should bring to Woodlands Academy :

2             skirts or dresses for special occasions (no miniskirts, no halter neck, straps have to be 3 cm wide)

5             formal pairs of pants (corduroy, cotton, wool, etc.)

2             tracksuits (to use on arrival, before uniform is available)

2             pairs of jeans (not ripped nor with holes)

4             long sleeved shirts or blouses

4             sweatshirts or sweaters

4             short sleeved shirts or t-shirts

12           pairs of socks

3             pairs of wool socks for skiing (knee high)

15           sets of underwear

8             sleeveless undershirts

3             sets of thermal underwear

1             waterproof jacket

1             swimsuit (one piece, no     bikini)

4             pairs of pyjamas (2 for winter and  2 for spring, not sleeveless and no shorts)

1             bath robe

1             pair of slippers

1             pair of shower sandals


1             pair of dress shoes (for special occasions)

2             pairs of flat navy blue moccasins (for uniform)

2             pairs of white tennis shoes (no colours or stripes)

1             pair of casual shoes or tennis shoes (for weekends)

1             pair of Futsal Cleats (if participating in Futsal Clinic)

1             complete set of toilet articles - hairbrush and comb , soap, shampoo, toothbrush, toothpaste, body creme, nail clippers, etc

1             large cosmetic bag

1             pair of gloves for outings

1             pair of ski gloves/Sun Cream for Ski Trip (NB)

1             skiing suit, gloves, goggles, helmet

1             pair of snow boots

1             scarf

5             white hair clips

15           white hair ribbons

20           white elastic hair bands

1             winter hat

1             back pack

1             navy blue or black shoe polish

The following is a list of articles students receive at Woodlands Academy :

  • 2    skirts
  • 1    long sleeved blouse
  • 2    sweaters
  • 4    short sleeved blouses
  • 4    pairs of socks
  • 4    pairs of tights
  • 1    blazer
  • 2    tracksuits
  • 2    towels
  • 1    winter jacket
  • 5    laundry nets (for underwear)



• All clothes and personal items should be marked with the assigned laundry number.
• Please do not bring clothes that require dry cleaning
washed and machine dried.
• Piercing and tattoos are not allowed within the Academy. Nevertheless, one ear
piercing is allowed in order to wear earrings in a classical way.
• Please do not bring valuable objects.
• Do not bring towels.
• Please bring a medium suit case for trips

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