Intellectual: They look back with satisfaction at the rewards they gained from having met a dynamic and demanding daily schedule.

Human: The woman who profits from our human formation program will mature in the many different aspects of her personality. She will know herself in a real, objective way, and, because she is able to accept herself, she can seriously work to improve.

Spiritual: in accordance with the principles of education adopted by the Legionaries of Christ and Regunum Christi.

Apostolic: Through the “Social Formation Program”, the student has an informed social consciousness and is concerned for those in need.



Woodlands girls have the opportunity to visit many cultural places in Europe throughout their stay.  As Ireland is on Europe’s ‘doorstep’, Woodlands takes advantage of this and offer five trips per year, including  Italy, Switzerland (staying at our sister Academy, Le Chatelard), London, Paris and Lisbon/Fatima.



Our students make friendships at Woodlands that can last a lifetime, particularly as the students are living in such close quarters.



We aim to provide our students with a ‘home away from home’ environment.


Our students learn to speak, but also think in English, usually gaining fluency from living a year at Woodlands, where all communication is through English.


Through weekly outings, the Woodlands students get to know local areas but also many famous landmarks around Ireland. They learn the Irish culture through these outings by discovering the many beautiful sites Ireland has to offer.


A wide variety of sports and cultural clinics are offered to our students. This gives students a choice to try new things that they would not have at home, or also to excel in something they are good at. Promoting individuality in these areas is key at Woodlands.


Ireland provides a very safe environment for the students. Our unique location, offers a safe and secure home away from home. Our extensive grounds mean the girls can see a wide variety of wildlife, including deer, pheasant, squirrels and rabbits and indeed frogspawn!  The students have many opportunities in Science class to study the wildlife on the extensive grounds. 

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